The creative sparks flew in Glasgow!...

SAPC 41st Annual Scientific Meeting a roaring success

This year, we invited you to Celebrate Difference at the ASM by joining us in showcasing cutting edge primary care scholarship, and by doing things differently. The result was a sparkling festival of ideas. Here is just a taster...with more to be found on our conference pages and to follow in newsletters, PHCRD articles and on the website. Keep watching!

Sparkling key notes

Our three key note speakers - Iona Heath (RCGP), Anna Dixon (KIngs Fund) and Esther Rantzen (journalist and broadcaster) each offered thought provoking reflections from a practice, policy and patient perspective.


Considering policy, practice and the patient perspective



Dangerous Ideas Soapbox

Seven speakers had 3 minutes and 1 slide to convince you that they had a Dangerous Idea which needed to be heard. Delegates packed the room to hear ideas ranging from the proposal that giving up smoking is bad for your health to GPs should give up first-contact care to become second-line generalist consultants dealing with complex problems. With Prof Bob McKinley keeping order, the audience on the day voted for Prof Scott Murray's idea that we need to Bring Death Back to Life. Watch out for his article in the next edition of PHCRD. The ideas, and the conversation they sparked, were a great example of Discovery, Integration, Application and Inspiration!

If you missed the creative sparks - don't worry! We hope to feature all 7 ideas in articles over the coming months. And to repeat the soapbox at future ASMs.

The new PHoCuS group

The 2nd meeting of the non-medical PC academics group led by Christine Bond and Sandra Eldridge saw the announcement of a new name for the group - the Phocus group. The group aims to support Primary Healthcare Scientists working in academic primary care. Details of the new mentoring scheme will be available on the group webpage soon.

Cutting edge science


There was the usual array of cutting edge science showcasing Discovery - Integration - Application and Inspiration.



An international flavour

We were delighted to welcome academics from all corners of the globe to join us at this year's conference, recognising the increasing importance of international collaborations in the critical development of primary care.

RCGP sponsorship allowed us to welcome 5 GP trainees involved in academic work to our conference.

The RCGP also launched its first international appeal - more details can be found here.


The way ahead for Academic Primary Care

Whilst the SAPC Exec outlined a proposal for a Five Year Plan to position SAPC to deal with the challenges and opportunities facing Primary Care and Academic Primary Care in the coming months and years.


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